Rod Warranty Policy and Claims


Rod Warranty Policy and Claims


All rods are covered from damage that occurs during normal fishing conditions as a result of craftsmanship or material defects. While this is very rare, we do understand it can happen. All rods covered under this warranty will be replaced free of charge.



Accidents happen. For rod damages not covered under the defective product warranty, Little Miami Outfitters offers a replacement program for a new rod. We simply require a one-time payment for a replacement (plus return shipping costs). Here is the cost of replacement for each rod series:

Rod Series

One-time Cost

Return Shipping



Your Cost


For all warranty claims, the following requirements must be met:             

  • Owner must be the original owner
  • Proof of purchase required
  • Broken rod guides are not covered (guides can typically be replaced for less than the cost of return shipping)
  • The customer is required to pay for return shipping costs to our facility


Rod Warranty Claim

You are now the proud owner of a Little Miami Outfitters Fishing rod! Please fill out the following information thoroughly in order to file a warranty claim for your rod.


*First Name

*Last Name

*Email Address

*Mailing Address

*Street Address



*Postal / Zip Code          



*Which warranty are you requesting?

Defective Product Warranty

Accidental Replacement


*Rod Series

*What rod length, action, and flex? 

*Are you the original owner? Yes / No

*How long have you owned the rod?