PROTEUS Casting Fishing Rod LM76MF

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The Proteus series graphite casting rods from the Little Miami Outfitters carbon series offers high-end premium resins while being constructed with a premium 30-ton Mitsubishi Japanese Carbon that delivers one of the lightest, strongest, most sensitive all-around rods on the market.

Maximum Sensitivity
Each Proteus rod offers fast and moderate fast action with less bend. This means they have superior sensitivity and ultimately will help detect fish strikes easier. This in turn allows for more hook setting power because the rod doesn't bend as much as you lift the rod for the hook set.

Guide Set
Fuji ceramic guides allow for enhanced sensitivity as well as help minimize line friction. This helps reduce line damage, as well as prevent coil memory in the line.

Reel Seat
The two-piece American Tackle G2 reel seat increases the overall sensitivity from allowing direct contact between your hand and the fully exposed rod blank. This allows direct contact between you and what's on the other end.

Hook Keeper Designs 
The newly integrated hook keeper design allows one to secure the lure which prevents the hook barb from getting tangled.

Handle Design
The customized split-grip EVA handle provides enhanced comfort and allows for total control of the rod.

Specifications for LM73 - MH1C706MF

 Length Action Flex Type
7'6" Moderate Fast Medium Heavy Casting
Power # of Guides Line (lb) Lure Wt
MH 10 + Tip 12 - 20 1/4 - 5/8oz